Pre Purchase Building Inspection Adelaide – How to Do It and What to Expect?

Many people think that a pre purchase building inspection is a necessity now. The real‑estate industry has changed a lot over the last couple of decades and with the kind of boom happened in this sector, there are many fraud players too out there. While trying to purchase a property, you need to take care of each and every aspect of the deal and ensure that you are getting the full value of what you pay for.

Building Inspection

Importance of building inspection

Purchasing a real estate property is not like buying a new fridge or car. For most of the people, it is the biggest deal in their life, in which you spend the earnings of your lifetime into it. So, ensuring the worthiness and condition of the property you consider is important and this is what an ideal pre purchase building inspector does.

A qualified inspector will do a thorough inspection to identify the exact condition of the structure and prepare a detailed report. The third-party inspection is totally different from what the realtors do. The report of a third-party inspector is much reliable and authentic than the realtor’s namesake building evaluation.

Hiring a building inspection service is surely an add-on expense, but when it comes to buying a home or commercial property at a huge cost, this negligible amount spent for ensuring the worthiness of the purchase is fully worth.

Building inspectors

The pre purchase building inspections are undertaken by expert professionals called building inspectors. They are licensed and authorised to conduct such evaluations and also highly knowledgeable about the construction norms and standards of your province. By assessing things far beyond the sight and reach of a normal buyer, a building inspector can do a perfect valuation of the property and also estimate the cost involved in repairing or remodelling the property.

Things to expect

A good building inspector can give you a detailed report after thorough evaluation of the building as;

  • What all defects the structure has
  • Where are the defects located
  • How the defects affect the safety and life of the structure
  • What are the long-term consequences of the defects
  • How to rectify the defects and the estimate of repair

An experienced inspector can assess each aspect of a structure from basement to roof. Typically, the assessment of an average sized house of about 2500 sq. ft. may take about 3 hours to complete. They may take a day or couple of days’ time to prepare a detailed evaluation report and you can get a copy it. The inspectors will be duly signing the evaluation report and stands liable for their findings in the report.

Issues to identify

Some of the major issues you may be able to identify through thorough pre purchase inspection include;

  • Leakage through the ceiling and walls.
  • Unlevelled and re-stumped structure.
  • Rotting of wood and metal components.
  • Defects of the foundation and walls.
  • Inadequate drainage or water built-up beneath the building.
  • Faulty electric wiring and plumbing.
  • Pest infestation.
  • Fire and smoke resistance etc

Once if you know the problems, one big advantage is that you can estimate the renovation cost too on planning to go ahead with the purchase and prepare for it.

Choosing a Good Inspector for Building Inspection Adelaide

Real estate purchase is a very risky affair if you are not well aware of the real value of the property you are considering. An average citizen who is totally unaware of the tricks and tips of real estate market is highly prone to falling prey to the faulty deals and end up in loss. As a result, the buyer may lose your sleep for lifetime and also may face serious safety and compliance consequences too. Don’t worry, there is a simple solution!

Building Inspection

Do pre-purchase building inspection

There is no need to worry about making a real estate purchase if you have done a proper pre-purchase building inspection. A qualified building inspector can do an in-depth assessment of the property to identify any flaws and get an estimate of the repairs needed.

Building inspectors will give a detailed report after comprehensive evaluation of the building with which you can have a fair understanding of the actual condition of the property you consider. This will not only help to make your purchasing decisions, but also can reassure you about the safety and life of the asset your consider.

Job of a building inspector

Hiring a building inspector is an additional expense when you are into a real estate deal, but this is fully worth if you want to ensure the worthiness of your purchase. Typically, someone who is aiming to purchase a home will be having many doubts in mind as;

  • Sturdiness of the construction and strength of materials used.
  • Current status of the plumbing and electrical infrastructures in an old home.
  • Condition of flooring and ceiling.
  • Possibility of pest and termite infestation.
  • Condition of wood and metal parts used in construction.
  • Condition of roofing etc.

Usually, an inspector does a non-invasive inspection of the components and prepares a detailed report. Even though it is not possible to identify all the troubles, a report from an authorised building inspector will have the major issues noted, which can significantly help you in making a well-informed purchasing decision. Moreover, such a report will also help you to have a realistic negotiation with the seller.

Choosing building inspectors

In every sense, an inspector has a crucial role in the pre-purchase building inspection process. He or she stands responsible for the assessment done about the condition of a property. In bigger projects and commercial pre-purchase evaluations, there may be more than one inspector for specialised inspection of various aspects as construction, compliance, technical infrastructure etc.

As this is an important affair, you have to be very careful on choosing the building inspectors. The major things to check here are;

  • Credentials of the inspector you consider.
  • Years of experience he or she has in pre-purchase building inspections.
  • Career track record of the building inspectors (most of them may be from construction, electrical, plumbing and other such construction-related backgrounds).
  • Licenses and certifications of the provider.
  • More importantly, try to gather some genuine feedback about the quality of service of various inspectors.

Take a bit of time and do some research in identifying the best building inspector as it is as important as choosing a property to buy. Ensure the inspector has no association with the realtor or seller you are dealing with. Before hiring, also have a detailed discussion with the provider about your specific needs and expectations from the inspection.

Building Inspection Adelaide – What a Common Home Buyer Should Know?

Many people are so eager to purchase a house of their own. This is a big investment for a common man, probably the earnings of a lifetime being pumped into it. But, what if you get a damaged property with pest infestation or troublesome wiring and plumbing infrastructure? Even after spending a lot, it can take away your sleep and peace of mind forever if you end up making a wrong property purchase.

This is where a building inspection service becomes crucial. Pre-purchase building inspection is a necessity now if you are thinking of a residential or commercial property purchase. This unbiased evaluation can give you a clear picture about the current condition of a building, need for repairing if any, and cost estimation. With such a report in hand, you can be at a better position to take a purchasing decision and be reassured about the value for money.

Home inspection is not DIY

While thinking of pre-purchase building inspection, the first thing you should remember is that doing a detailed Adelaide property inspection is not a ‘do-it-yourself’ task. The realtor’s inspector is also not a reliable person as such an inspection may be biased with their keen interest to somehow sell the property. There are licensed third-party building inspectors whom you can hire to get a detailed and unbiased inspection report.

Pre-purchase building inspectors

The licensed building inspectors Adelaide will be highly experienced and also well aware and updated about the Australian standards of building construction. They also have a fair knowledge about the structural components used in buildings and the quality and strength of each. They can assess various aspects like;

  • Structural damages at different parts as floor, walls, ceiling, roof etc. of the building.
  • Overall strength of the building.
  • Components used to construct the building and the estimated age of the structure.
  • Pest, mould, and termite infestations.
  • Plumbing, wiring, and other general infrastructures.
  • Need for possible repairs and estimation of the cost.

Hiring qualified inspectors

As discussed above, the single-most important move when you are planning for a building inspection is of hiring a good inspector. There are many service providers, but not all of them are authorised or licensed. A few things you need to do in order to ensure the worthiness of an inspector are;

  • Ask for the service history of the provider and supporting documents.
  • Check for the years of experience and the number of inspections done by the inspection service providers.
  • Have a look at a few previous inspection reports.
  • Enquire with your friends and relatives if they have ever hired a building inspector and feedback.
  • Do communicate if you have any special needs as to estimation of the repairing cost, need to check the house wiring infrastructure etc., and ensure they provide such add-on services too.
  • Contact multiple providers to get quotes and then do a cost vs. quality comparison to decide the best.

Once if the building inspection is over, you can get a detailed report in hand, which you can go through and clarify doubts if any. This document is legally valid if the inspection is done by a licensed inspector who can vouch on your behalf if in case any disputes arise in future.

Benefits to Expect from a Pre Purchase Building Inspection Adelaide

Buying a property is a tiresome task. As it is a very important deal, one needs to put in a fair amount of research and consideration into it to ensure the best benefits. If you are planning to purchase a home or commercial property, then there are three important steps in it as;

  • Doing an intense research to find properties matching to your objective.
  • Verifying the worthiness of a property to confirm purchase.
  • Completing the pre- and post-purchase formalities to own it.

Among the three, second step is the most important as the decision making phase. Making the right decision can offer you the best returns and complete peace of mind. On the other hand, a wrong move at this step can leave you in despair and huge monitory loss.

How to verify the worthiness of a property purchase?

Conventionally, you would be asking the seller, the neighbours, and those who can give you a feedback about the property and its condition. This is good to do, but cannot give you an authentic picture. The actual need is to get a reliable and unbiased expert evaluation report about the condition of the property you are considering. This is possible only through an expert pre purchase building inspection.

Pre purchase building inspection

Going a step ahead to taking a real estate purchasing decision based on the looks and seller’s claims, pre purchase building inspection gives you an objective overview of the actual condition of the property.

A third-party building inspector conducts a non-destructive diagnostic evaluation of the property and its various components to prepare a detailed report. This report can tell you about;

  • The current worthiness of the building.
  • Visible and invisible defects on the structure.
  • Need for repair.
  • Compliance with the local building construction rules and regulations.
  • Estimated cost for repair and remodelling if needed.

Execution of building inspection

Let’s see what a building inspector will do through a pre purchase building inspection.

  • Checking for any structural flaws

The exterior looks of a building may be so reassuring, but there can be various problems underneath, which affect the life of the structure. Checking and identifying such flaws through an effective building inspection is so important in terms of ensuring safety as well as justifying the price. Defects in the construction and structure may lead to many grave problems including a collapse and casualties.

  • Estimating the cost of repair

One can surely expect structural flaws while buying old houses and buildings. If you move on with it, it is ideal to have a basic understanding of how much it will cost you in terms of repairing the home. If there is any non-compliance with the local building regulations, then the buyers need to spend extra to do remodelling of the building.

In order to enjoy the above benefits and also to ensure an unbiased and expert property evaluation, the most important thing is to hire a reliable and experienced building inspector. Do an intensive research to identify the best building inspection services in Adelaide and hire the most reliable one.